frequently asked questions 


Can I use my own horse’s hair?   

Absolutely! Other types of hair can also be used for certain designs, including dog, alpaca, or even your child's first hair cut.

How much hair do you need to make a piece? 

More is always better.  Unused hair will be returned. 

Each design has a specific requirement:

For Hair Placed in Resin: 

This can be any type of hair, including horse, dog, alpaca, child’s first hair cut, etc.

Please provide 3-5inches of hair in a ponytail about ¼” thick, about the thickness of a pencil.  Although most pieces are made from long, easily identifiable strands of hair, the stone can be made with shorter hair for a more marbled look, providing a beautiful yet discrete way of keeping your loved one near.       

There are three hair density options for the finished stone. Please note if you would like:

Light: able to see each strand of hair.

Moderate: able to see some strands of hair.

Dense:  can’t see each strand of hair and looks like a solid stone.


For X-C Bat, Dressage Whip Pin:

Tail hair only: 6-8 inches long, 20 to 30 hairs in ponytail.

For the Winner’s Circle Bracelet:

Tail hair only:  6-8 inches of hair in a ponytail about ¼” in diameter (the thickness of pencil). 

For Braided Horse Hair Bracelets:

Tail hair only:  15-18 inches in a ponytail about ¼” in diameter (the thickness of pencil).

*Section off the hair you want to send with a rubber band. Cut the hair above the rubber band so the hair is secured.

*Please wash hair with a little shampoo and rinse gently with water. Make sure that the water runs clear. Once dry, place horsehair in a Ziploc bag and write your horse's name, the design you would like, and your name on the front.

Can I use light colored hair? 

(Pure white hair is not recommended for resin pieces) Light colored hair can be used. But please keep in mind it becomes almost transparent when encased in the resin. Darker hair does come out better. Try to pick out some darker shades of hair to mix in with the lighter hair. Pure white hair is difficult to see by itself.

*Hair color can be determined by placing a sample in a clear cup of water. The appearance is very similar to the finished resin.

How long does an order take to be completed? 

Orders take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to be completed. Christmas is a busy time for making jewelry. Please have your orders in by Nov 13th to receive your order before Christmas. If you need your order to be complete by a specific date please write the date under “special notes” on your order form.

How do I determine my bracelet or ring size? 

Standard Bracelet Sizes 

Women: 7-7 1/2 inches

Men: 8-8 1/2 inches

Measure your wrist and then add 1 inch. Write that number on your order form. 

Standard Ring Sizes: 5, 6, 7.

Measure your finger with a piece of tape or paper that is 6 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. Wrap it around the base of your finger. Mark the strip where it overlaps. Then measure the strip with a ruler to the nearest 1/16 inch. Find your size on the chart. For a more precise measurement, please visit your nearest jeweler.

  • Any piece of jewelry can be customized to fit you. Please contact me if you have any concerns about how to size yourself for a piece of jewelry. If you would like a custom size please write it under “special notes” on your order form. *Engraving is also available.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Horsehair is very strong but you should be cautious of where you wear your jewelry. Don’t wear your jewelry in the shower, pool, hot tub, and working in barn area or while doing any other rough job. Stay away from house hold cleaners and other chemicals which can damage hair or resin.

How do I polish my jewelry?

Using a polishing cloth is the safest way to polish your jewelry. Tarn-X or other tarnish removers can be applied to silver areas using a Q- tip, but be careful as they will damage resin and hair. I will be happy to clean it for a $15 fee. Please contact me for more information.

What do I do if a strand of hair pops out?

Very carefully clip the hair with nail clippers. Try your hardest not to clip any other hair around the loose hair. If your jewelry is scratching your skin, most likely there is a loose hair.

What is your satisfaction policy? 

If it becomes damaged, please contact me for further instructions.


I am happy to answer any other questions. Please contact me.