Over the past sixteen years I have developed a strong friendship with my horse, Cody. As Cody and I grow older;  I find myself trying to grasp the time we have shared. I wanted to find a career that would connect my love for horses with my interest in art. In becoming a jeweler, I found the link between the two.

While attending Tyler School of Art, I started to incorporate horse hair in my jewelry. Each design seeks to preserve the energy between horse and rider. It is a way to cherish the memories and accomplishments that bring a level of trust in each other.

My jewelry is all handcrafted.  Whether sterling silver or gold it is truly unique. The overall appearance of my work embraces an equestrian fashion that is timeless. Any piece of jewelry can be personalized with your own horse's hair.



Memories are preserved and friendships are remembered in a piece that can be close to every animal lover's heart.